How to get rid of the locks on photos you’ve uploaded

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There’s a new trick for locking your photos in an image gallery.

Polygon has discovered it.

A new trick in Windows Phone 8.1, called “Lock Pane,” is called “A New Feature For Photo Albums.”

This means that if you’re on a phone with a “Lock” feature enabled, you can now lock your photos from view, or from the lock screen.

In the past, we’ve seen photo albums lock the device from the camera roll and lock the camera and lock screen on your phone.

But now, the “Lock Screen” option lets you lock your photo albums from the lockscreen itself.

This new feature is actually the first of its kind on Windows Phone.

It works on both phones and tablets.

It’s pretty much a straight-forward change, and the feature should work on most phones, even if you have a custom lock screen installed on your device.

It also sounds like it could be handy for people who own a lot of photos, who want to lock their photos to keep them safe.

Here’s what it looks like in action.

The lock screen will lock photos, as you would expect.

Here’s how to set up the Lock Pane in Windows 10.

The first time you enable the Lock Screen, it will appear. 

This is how it looks when you set up your lockscreen.

If you enable it again, it locks the app and all of your photos, including the lock images.

You can disable this feature from within the Lock pane.

If you’re wondering how to disable the Lock screen on a device, just swipe left from the bottom of the lock page and then tap on the Lock button.

This will pull up a menu with a toggle button, which will make it switch on or off the Lock functionality.

You can disable it here, or just turn it off.

In this case, we’re just going to disable it because it doesn’t do much to speed up the process of removing photos.

The next screen will show you what’s going to happen when you disable the feature.

This screen shows you what the Lock process will look like.

In this example, we disable the lock. 

It’s worth noting that this will also lock your phone from the cameras app, which is why you can’t just delete photos from the Lock settings. 

If you want to delete your photos but still get them back, you’ll have to go through the “delete photos” section of the Lock page.

This method will also take up the entire left side of the screen, but you’ll notice that there’s an option to “show all photos” here, and “show only images” here.

This is because the “show photos” option only shows your photos as a list, not a grid.

In order to show the entire lock screen, you have to scroll to the bottom and then scroll to one side of it, and then swipe up on the bottom.

If the Lock Page is not showing up on your screen, click on the app icon in the bottom-left corner of the “Show Photos” section.

This will bring up a drop-down menu with three options. 

Here’s what you can do.

If your Lock page is not shown in the lock-screen, you will see the lock buttons on your left side.

If the Lock pane is showing up, you should see an “Unlock All” button on your right side.

If both of these buttons are in the top-right corner of your screen instead of on the left, you won’t be able to unlock your phone or view your photos.

Here’s a picture of a device that’s locked in this way. 

That’s because the lock is hidden behind a camera and is hidden by default.

If you see an image or photo of the device in the app, you probably have no idea it’s locked.

You’re also likely to have to open the Lock app to get to the Lock PIN, which lets you see the locksettings.

Now, to get back to your photos and the Lockpane, you just have to do the same thing you did with your Lock pages.

Again, if your Lock panes aren’t showing up in the Lock panel, you need to open your Lock app and then go to the lockspane.

In Windows 10, the Lock tab will open in the locks app.

This means you can lock the app from the start.

To lock your Photos app, tap the Lock icon in its top-left, or on the lock bar at the top.

This opens up the locks panel, which should be a very familiar look to anyone who’s used a Windows Phone before.

To unlock the LockPane, swipe up from the top of the page and tap on “Lock.”

You should see a “Unlocked” button at the bottom, and you can use this to unlock the app.

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