How to take a photo on your iPhone with your phone’s camera app

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With the release of iOS 11, iPhone users have had access to many of the same features as iOS users.

Here’s a quick guide to making use of the most popular photo editing and sharing apps, and some tips for making them work for you.1.

Capture images from the Lock Screen using Photo Booth 2.

Share the photos from the Photos app via the Photos widget in the upper right corner of your home screen.


Open a photo in your Camera app.4.

Add a title to the photo by tapping the Add button in the top right corner.5.

Tap the Share button to share the photo to your favorite social media accounts.6.

The app will show you a preview of the photo.7.

You can then tap on the image to save it as a new photo.8.

In Photos, tap the Lock screen icon to switch to the Photo Booth app.9.

You’ll be prompted to enable the Lock and Control app to view your Lock screen photos.10.

To view photos in the Photos interface, tap on Photos from the upper left corner.11.

Tap on the photo in the Lock photo album to view it in your photo library.12.

To open a photo from your Lock photo gallery, tap and hold the Lock icon at the bottom of the Lock camera screen and tap the shutter icon.13.

From the Photos menu, tap Photos to access the Lock photos app.14.

In the Photos library, tap Lock photo and select Lock photo from the photo menu.15.

To add an image to the Lock gallery, simply tap the Add icon at top right of the image.16.

Tap to share an image.

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