The News24 photo album is no longer available for download in Australia

Jul 19, 2021 About The News24 Photo Album is no more.

The photo album, once available in Australia and New Zealand, is now available in the US.

The news comes after news broke on Monday night that Facebook had temporarily stopped selling the photo album.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company was “committed to protecting the privacy of everyone on Facebook”.

The Facebook page that sold the photo albums on Monday afternoon had only 500,000 followers, but the page is now only 2 million.

The photos featured a portrait of the current leader of the Australian Liberal Party, Malcolm Turnbull, and a portrait taken in his prime ministership.

Malcolm Turnbull is seen on a Facebook Live broadcast.

Australian Liberal Party leader Tim Fischer said the Facebook page had been “terrified” to sell the photo archive.

“This is just so upsetting and sad to see this,” he said.

“Malcolm is a very intelligent man, very thoughtful person.

He is one of those people that, when you see something on his face, you don’t see a politician.

You see someone who’s thinking about people, who cares about people and cares about them.

He is someone who would never want to hurt people.”

He said the photos were “not something that we want to be associated with”.

“The photos are meant to be a snapshot of the lives of Australian people.

I don’t think it’s appropriate for the Facebook to be selling these photos.

What’s the point of people buying these photos if they’re not going to use them?”

Mr Fischer said Facebook had been told by the Australian Privacy Commissioner that the photos would be deleted from the site within 10 business days of being removed.

ABC News contacted Facebook for comment.

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