Which one is your favourite album cover?

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The official website for the popular anime anime franchise Digimon Adventure tri.

is listing the best album covers of the franchise.

Digimon World Digimon and Digimon Digimon Frontier were the top-selling series of the series with 1.4 million copies sold, followed by Digimon Tamers with 7,400 copies and Digimon X & Y with 4,200 copies.

The top selling album cover in Digimon All-Star Digimon 2: Digital All-Stars was a white-and-black photo album cover.

Other popular album covers include:The original series series’ cover featured a cartoon version of the Digimon with red hair.

The original Digimon series has had many changes over the years, with the series becoming more action-oriented with Digimon Battle & Frontier, and also evolving into a more mature and serious series.

In addition to the series’ album covers, Digimon Super Digimon Collection is listed as the second best album cover of the game, followed closely by Digimons World Series 3, which debuted on PlayStation Vita in February.

Digimon Adventure Tri is a Japanese video game franchise developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo.

The series was released for the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS in 2001.

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