A new image editor for Drupal 7 and 7.x

Aug 10, 2021 About

An image editor has been added to Drupal 7.5.

The new version is called “Drupal 7 Image Editor” and will allow you to edit your images and make changes to them.

The editor is compatible with all Drupal versions.

Dividing an image by columns is no longer possible.

This can be a useful feature if you have multiple images that have the same number of columns.

The ability to merge images is also present.

There are no new features, though, and the editor will only work with images that are tagged with a “compose” tag.

Diverse editing features for images are present.

You can add tags, add image metadata, modify metadata (tags, attributes, and so on), and more.

You will also find a new “combine” feature, which allows you to combine two images together.

The “combiner” feature also supports the “create” and “remove” functionality.

You also have the ability to rename images.

It also includes support for image thumbnails, so you can take a photo of an image and then use that as a thumbnail in a web page.

There is also support for metadata.

You are able to see a detailed list of all the tags in an image, as well as all of the attributes and other metadata.

If you are using a WordPress theme, you can add new image tags to your pages using the “add tag” feature.

For more details, check out this blog post.

The developer notes that the new version of Drupal 7 will be released in the next few weeks.

You should be able to download and try the editor sometime in the coming weeks.

If it doesn’t work, try a different version of the editor.

It’s always possible to update the Drupal version that is running.

Drupal 7 7.6 is available now.

It is available for download from the developer’s website.

You may be interested in reading more about Drupal 7, which is a big update to the platform.

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