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title The Post: “Weirdly, the only thing Trump said he didn’t know” article President Donald Trump on Tuesday said he did not know about a report that the FBI had obtained a warrant to search his office during the investigation of his 2016 campaign.

In an interview with NBC News, Trump was asked about reports that FBI agents had obtained an order to search the White House in early April for documents related to a probe into the Russia investigation.

The president, who has been under fire from the media and Congress for his handling of the Russia probe, said he hadn’t been briefed on the FBI’s request for a warrant.

Trump said he has been “very careful” about the type of information that the U.S. government is allowed to share.

He did not address the reports that the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, who is also a senior adviser, had been granted access to the president and his staff during the FBI investigation.

The FBI had previously told the president that he was not to be briefed on a specific investigation.

Trump’s lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, said in a statement Tuesday that the President “does not recall” the details of the FBI request and “did not authorize any investigation of President Trump’s personal communications.”

The FBI’s announcement on Tuesday came as Trump was in a private meeting with the nation’s governors, as well as members of Congress, as part of his weekly State of the Union address.

Trump has been criticized for failing to answer questions about whether he had discussed the FBI probe during the course of his campaign or whether there was any coordination between his campaign and Russia.

The president has denied that there was a secret agreement between the campaign and Russian officials.

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