Recode editor: I’m ‘the happiest I’ve been in years’ after ‘very painful’ exit from Twitter

Aug 23, 2021 About

Recode is reporting that Jagannatha, the co-founder of Instagram, has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

The article also notes that Jags recently started a new career at a small startup in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she is expected to start a new job on Tuesday.

Jagannathi’s cancer is not yet clear.

It is unclear if she has been in the hospital or on the road.

She posted this tweet to her followers: Recode photo of Jags from the morning she was diagnosed.

Jags was not on Twitter when the article was written, so she didn’t have the ability to respond to the article and it’s unclear if the cancer is new.

The article states that the cancer was discovered last week and that she has had chemotherapy and radiation.

Jags’ Twitter profile has since been taken down.

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