Green photo album of 5-year-old girl,who suffers from ADHD, on sale for $1.99

Sep 24, 2021 Travel Diary My Trip


— Green photo album for 5- to 12-year old children is available for $5.99 on, and the new photo album is the brainchild of a 5- and 6-year veteran of the Green Bay Police Department.

Officer Gary Wiedefeld, who is currently serving his final year of service with the Green Beret, says the photo album offers his fellow officers a glimpse into their lives.

“I wanted to create something that is a little more positive than just pictures of police officers, but also for officers that have mental health issues and those that have disabilities,” Wiedefelds daughter, 6-month-old Grace, said.

The photo album features the face of Grace, a 5th grader who has severe attention deficit disorder.

In addition to Grace, there are photos of her mother, father, sister, grandmother and a number of other people.

There is also a picture of the family pet, a dog named Dolly, who was recently adopted by Wiedelds wife.

He said the picture book has been downloaded over 5,000 times and has been sold out at the local department store.

While the family was excited to get the book, they are not surprised that the book has sold out.

When asked if it was easy for him to keep selling it, Wiedeefld said it is.

Wiedefelld says it took about a week for the book to become available, and he says it is going to be a good way for officers to remember people who have served their country and their community.

Read more about Green Bay police department here.

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