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A group of white nationalists in Wisconsin has set up a “May the Greatness of the Greatest Founding Father of this Country Be the Band We Need” event.

The group is calling for a rally at the State Capitol on May 13, 2017, to commemorate the day that the founders of the United States of America signed the Declaration of Independence.

In a statement, the group said, “May 4th, 2017 will be remembered as a day for the preservation of America’s heritage and heritage of liberty and justice.”

The event, titled “MaytheGreatnessBeTheBandWeNeed” and titled “March for Our Country,” is being organized by a group of people from Wisconsin, Missouri, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania.

The group’s website says that it aims to bring together people of all backgrounds to march for “the founding of a republic, the restoration of freedom and democracy, the survival of our country, and the rebirth of our heritage as a beacon of freedom.”

A May 4th rally is scheduled for a date to be determined, but the website says, “There is no better time to come together and show our support for our Founding Fathers than now.”

The group has previously claimed that the May 4 day is a day to celebrate the “birth of freedom” and the “liberty movement.”

A “MayTheGreatnessBegun” website promoting the rally also claims that “the birth of liberty is a celebration of liberty, democracy, and free people.”

The website notes that “freedom and democracy have become the cornerstone of American liberty.”

It adds that May 4 “will be a day of celebration of this great country’s independence, and a day when the United State of America can rise up and reclaim our rights and freedoms.”

The “May The GreatnessBegend” website also claims to have created a “band that will be a powerful force to help us bring the people together.”

According to the website, the “band” will include members of the “alt-right” and other white supremacist groups.

The May 4 date was originally scheduled to take place in the state capitol, but was postponed, according to the group.

The “March For Our Country” event, which will feature speakers and speakers from across the country, has already been called off in other states.

In December, a rally in Birmingham, Alabama, was canceled after the city police department refused to allow the event.

In Wisconsin, a similar rally was planned to take part in Madison, Wisconsin, but it was canceled in December after it was announced that it would be a “hate rally.”

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