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Albums stored in Google Photos, a new service

Google has just announced a new album service that lets users create albums of photos, videos, and other files and share them with friends.

The new album feature, which Google describes as “an enhanced version of Google Photos,” lets users upload photos to their albums as they create them.

Albums can then be shared with friends and the media and saved as a Google Drive file.

Users can also “lock” their albums in a specific location, for example by signing in with their email address or a Google account.

The service is free to use, but users will need a Google+ account to create an account.

┬áHere’s what the new service looks like:The new feature can be used to create albums, as well as to organize and organize a collection of photos or videos in albums.

It’s not clear if Google Photos will offer the ability to create album-style folders, but the service will have to do that first.

Google Photos is part of Google+ and can be found in Google’s web interface.

The service is compatible with iOS devices, and can also be used with Android phones and tablets.