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Exposures: New images of the first day of the new Irish Open

Exposuring is a new way of watching the first four days of the Irish Open, but it’s not the only way to watch the event.

Photo: AP/David McNewThe Irish Times: A new generation of Irish sports fans has embraced the new era of digital sports streaming, with the Irish Amateur Football League (IFAFL) and the Irish Professional League (IPL) making it easier than ever for fans to watch matches and get caught up on the action.

The new Irish Premier League (IPSL) will launch in early 2017 with a total of 22 teams in its inaugural season, and it’s one of the biggest digital sports leagues in the world.

In the past, there has been a huge amount of confusion surrounding the legality of using the new sport in Ireland, with some players not being allowed to compete in the sport in some circumstances.

Now the sport will be fully legal and fully accessible to anyone who is 18 or over.

The new season will be the first to include all 23 players, who will be free to compete if they so choose.

Ireland is one of a few countries where there is no specific ban on using the sport for amateur purposes, but if you want to try out, you will need to register with the IPSL.

The team will not be allowed to play any matches during the season, which means you will be able to stream the entire season online.

The main new feature of the IPSl is a dedicated app that lets fans get caught-up on all the action with instant access to live scores, replays and replays on demand.

For the first time, it’s possible to stream games at the start of each day, which gives fans the chance to catch up on all of the action at the same time.

There are also a number of new features for fans, including a revamped live blog, a new live TV feed, and a new app that provides a full season’s worth of matches on demand for €10 per month.

The most notable change is the new live blog.

Fans will now have the option to watch highlights on demand and highlight video clips, as well as video highlights, live scores and live replays for the entire match, with clips playing up to a minute and half.

The feature also lets fans stream highlights, replay, and match highlights from the live feed for €1 per month, with highlights playing up at around 30fps.

Another big change is that you can now watch highlights of any game from any angle.

Fans can now also watch the replay of a match, and the app will also show a player’s next move as it happens.

The IPL will be one of just a few major sports leagues to launch with a completely new live app for fans.

This means you can watch the first three days of a season, with live scores from the IPL available in HD and 4K resolution for €3.99.

The app will be available in all major apps including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Xbox One, Roku and Xbox 360, as it’s now available in the Apple Watch and Android TV.

The IPL has also partnered with major sports companies to provide a range of apps, including BT Sport, ESPN and Sky Sports.

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